Experienced, Trusted Service

At Chrysler Camera, we've spent fifty years building our reputation as a reliable and trusted partner for photographers both recreational and professional. Today, if your electronic device has a camera, chances are we can fix it. Our technicians can provide repair services for:

DSLRs and point and shoot cameras

  • We can service cameras and lenses from manufactures such as Canon, Fuji, Sony, Nikon, and others
  • We offer professional sensor cleanings
  • Same day service on some broken LCD screens, CCD cleanings, battery door replacements, bent memory card pins, broken lens mounts and other minor repairs
  • Instead of the typical three months warranty from manufacturers, we offer six month warranties on some of our repairs


  • Common problems we can solve include: fixing auto focus, replacing broken brackets, film ejection issues and rubber/plastic skin replacement
  • Our Polaroid technicians have over thirty years of experience
  • We offer 90 day warranties on all full repairs for Polaroids


  • For high end equipment, estimates require 1-5 working days and can require shipping costs between $25 and $80.
  • Repairs are done at an outside service center and come with a 90-day warranty
  • Rates are reasonable and often lower than those charged by manufacturers

Assorted Lenses

  • We possess the latest in test equipment technology and training in order to calibrate optics and focusing accuracy
  • Our technicians have over 50 years experience repairing all makes of camera lenses
  • We have most necessary equipment to test and repair your gear to factory standards, and if we cannot we will immediately send out for factory repair

Mobile Devices and Gaming Systems

  • Our technicians are trained to repair most mobile devices and cell phones, including Blackberry and iPhone
  • Most repairs can be completed same day
  • Gaming system repair services include Xbox, Wii and PlayStation

Data Recovery Services

  • We can work to help save/recover all of the data you store on your devices and are certified to perform Level 1 and Level 2 data recovery services on-site
  • We can provide recovery for data on SD cards, CF cards, Sony Memory, Micro SD, MMC Cards, USB drives, external drives and iPods
  • Recovery services are usually completed within 24-48 hours
  • If we can't recover your data, you don't pay a dime

Even though the turnaround times for most of our repairs is short, we do offer loaner and rental equipment for you to use while you wait (subject to availability). That's just another way we try to make sure that you never miss the perfect shot.

Device 360 west 36th St
DSLR Cameras Nikon, Fuji Canon & Sony
Film SLR Nikon, Minolta, Yashica, Pentax & Canon
Point & Shoot Cameras Nikon, Fuji, Canon, Panasonic, Sony & Conon
Lenses Nikon, Sigma, Tamron, Canon EF, EF-S & L
Polaroids Yes
Mobile Device/Cell Phone Repair Yes
Gaming Systems Yes
Data Recovery Services Yes


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New York NY 10018
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